Now you know what to do, or how to achieve success Part II

In the previous part of the article, I addressed an issue that is likely to play a key role in many people’s lives – success. Success is not something that comes easy. It is a result of long and arduous work on yourself and your skills. But how do you achieve it?

Where to start, or how to start fighting for your success

People say that when we fall all the way down, we can always bounce back up from the bottom. I’ll admit, it’s a risky statement, but it also has a lot of truth in it. When taking a close look at the biographies of many artists, musicians, inventors, or businessmen, it is easy to notice that many of them started from scratch. American rap artists are a perfect example. One of the richest rap artists in the world, Jay Z, was a drug dealer in his youth, while the most popular rapper of all time, Eminem, arranged his first rhymes while working at McDonald’s.

Jay Z and Eminem are no exceptions, as there are also many similar examples of the rags to riches story in the business world. Jan Koum, a Ukrainian immigrant who came to America, once sold cards for many years. He did everything to survive on American soil. But he did not give up and created something that brought him millions. Mark Zuckerberg himself had taken an interest in his mobile app WhatsApp and bought the rights to use it. That’s how Koum earned his fortune and continues to earn millions from his idea.

When entering the path of success, one must first realise one thing – every swamp is passable, and when you are going through hell you cannot stop. Thanks to this attitude, many people have found their success. When you realise that, everything will become more accessible.

It actually is possible, or further rules of success

In the first part of the article, I gave you a few guidelines thanks to which we can improve our lives. I mentioned the necessity to choose our objectives, our need for self-confidence, getting down to work, thinking about our actions and our perseverance. These elements will help us in the first phase of working on ourselves. Now I will give you some more guidelines that can help you in your efforts.

  • Focus on what you are doing

The inability to concentrate is a big disadvantage. Instead of focusing on the task at hand, we often browse through Facebook every ten seconds, answer emails, read comments under posts and watch YouTube. As a result, we waste a whole day without doing anything creative. Our lives reflect this situation. We can waste half our lives and not fully achieve any of our goals by constantly getting distracted.

  • You want to make money – start selling

It is often the case that a person is good at something, but he keeps this skill to himself. He can fill a market gap with his qualifications, but he does nothing about it. Sharing your talent is one of the basic principles of success. For example, if we can write, we can make money from our passion in a variety of ways – by writing books, running a blog or creating content marketing. This will allow us to start doing something original, necessary and something you can earn money on.

  • If you’re good at something, focus on it

Once we know what we’re good at, it’s worth developing these skills. The desire to be the best is not a disadvantage, but an asset of the greatest. It is, therefore, worthwhile to continue training through workshops, tutoring, books and activities. Skill development should go hand in hand with self-development. It is worth highlighting our advantages, eliminating disadvantages and strengthening our self-esteem.

  • Stick to the plan

Most people act chaotically, in the dark and want everything right away – this is a mistake. Great things don’t happen in a week, they happen over many years. They are the result of regular work and sticking to the plan. Therefore, define your goal, plan its implementation and stick to your scheduled activities.

  • Take control of your life

The last rule to follow is to take control of your life. We can’t predict everything, and we can’t prepare for everything. However, we need to keep a steady pace when walking through life and remain true to ourselves. By taking our lives into our own hands, we will be able to focus on what is important and avoid becoming distracted by unnecessary things.

When analysing the lives of successful people, it is easy to see that many of them came from poor families, and they have worked hard to achieve their success. Just because we face an uphill struggle doesn’t mean we are doomed to lose at the start. And even though it may seem funny, trivial and naive, we should remember that the world is ours!

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