Do something with your life, or how to be successful, part I

According to last year’s Mind survey, only 2 out 5 of Brits feel happy, more than 20% consider themselves unlucky, and 8 in 100 people struggle with depression. These results also apply to professionally active people. Terrifying, isn’t it? I don’t want to discuss the topic of wellbeing, let alone depression, because this problem should be dealt with by professionals only. However, I would like to address another subject which is close to my heart – success.

What should we do to achieve something, or how to succeed

The subject of this entry is seemingly unrelated to investing and the investment market. It seems to me, however, that despite the whole banality with coaches, this is actually quite relevant. So, how can we achieve success?

It is worthwhile to start working on success by realising what success is. I once wrote about it, but it is worth repeating – for each of us “success” is defined differently. For one person success means health, a loving wife, three children, an apartment, a stable salary and well-planned out future. Another person considers success to be a bag of money, beautiful women, expensive cars and a villa by the sea. It all depends on our approach. It is, therefore, worth considering what we want to achieve in life and what our priorities are. When we manage to do just that, we can begin.

Is it possible, or how to become successful

It seems absurd, but there are several rules to achieving success. No. These are not coaching instructions that tell you, for example, if you imagine a car, you’ll have it. I mean a set of rules that will help you make changes in your life. Here I would like to present the first five principles that are worth following.

  • Select your goal

If you want to achieve something in life, you must first know what your goal is. And I’m not talking about visualising yourself with a bag of money. I’m talking about visualising a particular thing, for example, 100 thousand pounds. You don’t have to repeat the goal over and over again, just hold on to it. Why?

Defining a goal helps to evaluate your situation and analyse the level of its achievement. Would you like to have 100,000 pounds in your account? Then work, work, and keep on checking how much you have and how much you still need to earn. Also, analyse what might bring you closer to this amount.

  • Believe in yourself!

I’m serious. People often set themselves goals they want to achieve, but do nothing about it. The reason for that is they don’t believe in themselves.

If you think – oh no, I won’t manage – before anything you do, then you should change your mindset!

If you look at yourself and see a loser, change your attitude!

If you hear from somebody – you never manage to get things done – then change your environment!

Each of us has our complexes, demons and childhood traumas, so self-confidence is something we all need to work on. Develop a strategy that allows you to strengthen your ego in small steps. Every success, even the smallest one, will bring you closer to your desired goal.

  • Get off your backside and get to work!

Am I being ruthless? That was my plan! Many people talk about their goals, plans, dreams, but do absolutely nothing about it. They sit on their bottoms, look at the ceiling and think this 100 thousand will land in their laps for no reason. But this will never ever happen. A politician will sooner admit his mistakes than you’ll get one hundred grand out of the blue.

The achievement of your objectives requires physical and mental effort. Going to work, doing things, attending training courses and becoming better at what you do. It is also about working on your own psyche, fighting against addictions, eliminating disadvantages and strengthening your assets. Remember, most people prefer to sit on their bums. You should be different and start working instead.

  • Also, make sure to think about what you’re doing.

Once we have set our goals and got down to work, the time has come to analyse our actions. This is important because continuous inefficiencies in our actions will never produce the desired results. It’s like investing in bad assets – we invest, invest, invest, and all we get are more losses. What’s the point in all of this? If something doesn’t work, change it.

  • Don’t give up and be persistent.

Dreams do not come true overnight. If they do, excuse me for what I’m about to say, but your dreams were not very ambitious. Big dreams are the result of hard and persistent work. If something goes wrong, don’t give up. I know it’s a cliché, but it makes sense.

When a job doesn’t bring you the expected results, you have to make changes, but you should never give it up. My childhood idol Rocky never gave up. In every boxing match he was knocked down, but the bastard kept on getting up. Thanks to that he always won (well, except for the fifth part, which was fanciful). Be like Rocky, get up and fight.

The points listed above will help you take action and start working on your challenges. But remember, this is just the beginning. In the second part of the article, I will give you some more tips to follow when you are working on achieving your goals.

Success is a relative concept that is dependent on our attitude. We define ourselves by what our success is and how we want to achieve it. Some people find it easier, some harder, but each of us has our own way to follow. The important thing is to choose our own path and start walking despite our bleeding feet and aching knees.

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