I want to move on – how to motivate yourself to take action

Looking through the latest entries, you can see that “Investing after-hours” slowly turns into a motivational blog. How to achieve success, how to start investing? Or how to work on yourself to invest successfully? – These are the topics we will find here. Is it bad? I don’t think so. I never wanted to be closed to one subject. I also believe that everyone can achieve success. All you need to know is how to get on with it and maintain your motivation?

What is internal energy, i.e., how to motivate yourself to act?

Before we move on to the theoretical part, please answer the following questions. I believe that these will help you evaluate your attitude to life.

What do you feel when you get up in the morning?

  1. Another boring day, I want to sleep.
  2. OK, I’m getting up, let’s do this.

How you feel about going to work?

  1. Once again, that shitty job.
  2. My plan for today is as follows…

What do you feel when you come back from work?

  1. I am so tired.
  2. So now let’s move on … to the gym?

What do you feel when you go to bed?

  1. Another boring day.
  2. OK, the plan for tomorrow is this …

If you have answered negatively to everything, it means that you lack the energy, i.e., internal motivation to complete tasks. This energy is mainly responsible for your willingness to realize your goals, desires, dreams, duties, and social involvement. Moreover, it is also the primary source of our well-being.

However, it often happens that we have insufficient energy levels. The reason may be overactivity or lack of it. If we are always busy and don’t have time to rest, then we might become exhausted. In this situation, it is worth taking a break. It happens, however, that we are passive in our lives. As a result of stress, nerves, complaining, and a lousy atmosphere, we lose our inner energy. To change this, you need to work on your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects. By changing your attitude and using your energy, you can start the stage of self-fulfillment. There is only one question left – how to motivate yourself to act?

Now, how to motivate yourself?

There are several ways to motivate yourself and maintain your energy. The following is a selection of ten ways that I think are most effective.

  • Organize your thoughts

There is nothing worse than chaos. Seriously. I wouldn’t say I like clinging to the plan, and I love spontaneity, but living in chaos interferes with effective private, professional, physical, and spiritual functioning. To be able to motivate yourself, it’s worth focusing on the goal. To have a goal, you have to set one first. To be able to set it, you need to define it. To be able to define it, you need to reflect on life. To be able to reflect, you need to organize your thoughts.

  • Set a single goal

When we take on a few things at once, we usually don’t do them accurately. However, by performing tasks one by one, we can focus entirely on one thing and complete it scrupulously. It is similar to setting goals. By choosing one particular goal, we will know what to focus on. Besides, seeing the effects of our actions, it will be easier for us to motivate ourselves.

  • Do not be afraid of the first step

In our country, they say – those who don’t risk don’t drink champagne. It’s hard not to agree with that because it is difficult to achieve success without explicit action. However, the most difficult is the first step. When we have a goal, we know what we want to do, but … you can’t take the first step. Remember that the first step is the beginning of your new journey. 

  • Seek inspiration

Inspiration can be found everywhere. I draw my inspiration from the biographies of musicians, writers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, travelers, activists, historians – unknown individuals, and those close to me. While learning and observing people who pursue their goals, we can see that everything is achievable. By finding inspiration, we will find the energy for further action.   

  • Abandon insidious habits

Routine is a frequent reason for a lack of motivation and feeling bad. Without passions, hobbies, or interests, we close ourselves in patterns. Now imagine that our routine consists of bad habits.  This situation can be compared to daily mild poisoning, which in effect can lead to … precisely. A routine that contains bad habits works similarly. By repeating destructive activities and closing ourselves into negative thinking, we hurt ourselves. It’s time to stop that!

  • Change the attitude from “have to” to “want to.”

As long as we live in a reasonably free country, until the government changes this completely, enjoy your freedom. What does this mean? If you don’t want to do something, don’t do it. If you don’t like something, change it. If you don’t enjoy it, leave it. Change your attitude from “must” to “want.” I know it’s easier said than done, but we can control our lives. Let’s pursue the goals we want, not the ones we are required to follow.  

  • Be active

Of all the latest currents, the trend for healthy food and sports activities I like the most. Proper nutrition and sport are not only marketing slogans of people from Instagram. It’s a way to lose weight, oxygenate the brain, develop muscles, fight with your weaknesses, and a source of positive energy. Change your menu and start practicing the sport you like, and immediately you’ll see that it was the right choice.

  • Small achievement make a big success

It’s worth to enjoy everything, even the smallest achievement because every step brings us closer to the goal. Did you manage to complete one of the tasks? Be happy. You’ve earned it.

  • Suppress the negative voices

Negative energy accumulates negative energy. Stop them! All those harmful voices, those coming from outside and inside. If you surround yourself with people who don’t believe in you – leave them. If you hear a discouraging voice in your head – change it. Your success depends entirely on your work, commitment, and dedication.

  • Never give up!

Winston Churchill once said – If you’re going through hell, Keep Going. I often say this because it’s the truth. Only action will initiate movement, and only a meticulous pursuit of the goal can have the desired effect. If you don’t know something, ask for help if you need it, but never give up.

The points listed may seem trivial; probably, everyone knows them. But I believe in each of them. When I lose my motivation, I focus on my goal, look for inspiration, go for a run, silence negative voices, and try to move on. This motivates me. I hope you will find your motivation because that’s the only way to achieve your goal.

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